August 9, 2017

We have one new Regional Manager and a new Director of Residency on the Fresh Start team.

Ken Smith is our new Director of Residency as of August 2017. Ken will be handling our incoming applications across all counties and coordinating with the Department of Corrections and other agencies (private and public) to make our application and move-in process as seamless as we can. If you have questions about availability of beds or just general questions about what we do, please give Ken a call or email.

Ken Smith

(253) 359-2965

Brandon Adams is our new Regional Manager of Pierce County. Brandon will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of our Pierce County locations, including; ensuring adherence to house rules, communicating directly with all applicable parties responsible for our residents, and conducting weekly meetings etc. Brandon will also assist Ken and the Executives with some of the administrative book-keeping. If you have questions for Brandon, please give him a ring.

Brandon Adams

(253) 259-8614