Where Second Chances are Made & First Chances Amended

Our Mission

The  mission at the heart of Fresh Start Housing is to provide a clean, safe, affordable, and and alcohol/drug-free environment for those who need or desire it. To help our tenants achieve their goals we provide weekly counseling, encouragement and resource knowledge in an effort to prepare them for the next positive phase of their life. We strive to offer our brand of housing and service throughout Washington State, one county at a time.
View our House Rules for more information.

Our History

Tim and John became aware of the community need for clean and sober shared housing after attending a Kiwanis seminar on the subject. In addition, Tim had spent almost a year homeless in his youth and understood how difficult making progress in your life could be without the basic provisions of shelter and warmth. The first residence was purchased in fall of 2012. Since that time, Tim and John have expanded their housing to include the following properties:

To Our Residents

We pledge to provide a clean, comfortable dwelling with tools to aid in their recovery and growth. We diligently connect our residents with third-party resources that provide alternate housing, active employment, legal aid and counseling as well as food & clothing.

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To our Payee Resource Partners

We pledge to hold our mutual clients accountable to the conditions within their release plan as well as the resident’s individual life goals. Progress and setbacks will be promptly communicated to the individual counselor or payee in charge of the resident’s success.  Prompt replies and open communications are a major cornerstone to the success of our partnership and the successful reintegration of our mutual charges.