OLYMPIA, WA Contact Information

3403 Steamboat Island Road

PMB 590 Olympia, WA 98502

Tim Timmer, Managing Member

(360) 481-6949

John Green, Managing Member

(253) 332-2122

Manager Contact Information

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Manager Contacts

Tim Timmer 
Managing Member

(360) 481-6949

John Green
Managing Member

(253) 332-2122

Kendrick Smith                                                                    Director of Residency

(253) 359-2965                                

Brandon Adams                                                   General Manager & Resident Manager at Parkland                                                                              

(253) 259-8614                                                          

James Reed
Thurston County Resident Manager

(360) 292-5024                                                        

Kerry Anderson (Acting)
Resident Manager at Golden Given Road

(253) 733-9196

Dennis Hopkins
Resident Manager at Warner, Tacoma

(253) 279-9842

Shawn White
Resident Manager in Seattle

(206) 941-8267

Butch Richards                                                         Resident Manager in Shelton

(360) 463-4030

Ken Smith (Acting)                                                  Resident Manager in Aberdeen

(253) 359-2965