What We Do

Fresh Start Housing provides clean, affordable, and sober, shared housing for men in Mason, Pierce and King County, and men & women in Thurston & Grays Harbor counties.

Our housing is completely furnished. The only items the tenant is expected to furnish are their own clothing, toiletries and food. 

Our housing is ideal for:

  • Tenants living on a fixed income (Social Security disability, Military retirement, etc.)
  •  Drug and/or Alcohol addicts
  • Foster care recipients aging out of the program
  • Mental Health Outpatients
  • Low Level SO’s
  • Transitional tenants, tenants experiencing or threatened by homelessness

The Application Process

Each applicant is vetted prior to application approval for the appropriateness of the requested address, their specific needs, their payment source and what their individual goals and life plans are. 

All applicants are provided a copy of the clean and sober house rules and general policies regarding our expectations of conduct while residing with us.  

The applicant signs to concur with their observation of the house rules, approval is granted and the tenant moves in.

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Growth Achievement

The tenant’s progress regarding their individual sobriety and successes and setbacks towards life goals are monitored. Monitoring is conducted through both weekly group meetings as well as daily one-on-one interactions. These meetings are conducted by John and Tim as well as the resident and regional managers that reside at each property.

In addition to goal achievement, spontaneous room checks are conducted for adherence to house rules regarding cleanliness and drug and alcohol usage. Urine analysis is conducted on an as-need basis when drug or alcohol usage is suspected.

All growth or setbacks made by the tenant are reported back to the corresponding field officer, relative, payee or other counselor in charge of the tenant's well being.

Life skill coaching and resource suggestions are provided to each tenant while residing at our homes with the goal of bettering their individual circumstances.